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Freedom Station

Where The Prescott Valley Goes for Fun!

Prescott Valley Family Fun  Looking for wholesome family fun in the Prescott Valley? We have got you covered. Whether it is raining or shining there are plenty of options including video games, outdoor rides, miniature golf, indoor rock-climbing, prizes and a full service cafe. 40,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor family fun, games and [&he...

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Freedom Fighter Laser Tag

Ready for battle.

Grab the Gang

Great friends, great food, great fun!

Redemption Games

Win tickets for great prizes.

Wild West Mini-Golf

Wild West Mini Golf

Air Hockey

She shoots, she scores!

Party Time

Check out our party packages!

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Prescott Valley Family Fun

Looking for wholesome family fun in the Prescott Valley? We have got you covered. Whether it is raining or shining there are plenty of options including video games, outdoor rides, miniature golf, indoor rock-climbing, prizes and a full service cafe.

40,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor family fun, games and entertainment located right in the heart of the Prescott Valley Entertainment District.

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Where The Prescott Valley Goes for Fun!

May 18, 2015 - No Comments

Prescott Valley Family Fun  Looking for wholesome family fun in the Prescott Valley? We have got you covered. Whether it is raining or shining there are plenty of options including video games, outdoor rides, miniature golf, indoor rock-climbing, prizes and a full service cafe. 40,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor family fun, games and...


Everyday is a Fun Day

February 11, 2016 - No Comments

Everyday is a fun day at Freedom Station. Check out our great daily deals!!